Preaching Silent Retreats

Benedict XVI defined a retreat as “a strong experience of God, awakened by listening to his Word, understood and welcomed in one’s personal life, under the action of the Holy Spirit, which, in a climate of silence, prayer and by means of a spiritual guide, offer the capacity of discernment in order to purify the heart, convert one’s life, follow Christ and fulfill one’s own mission in the Church and in the world.”

Order of the Holy Cross - Mission - Preaching Silent Retreats

It is our joy to labor for the salvation of souls in these privileged encounters with Our Lord through the administration of the Sacraments, the proclamation of the Word of God, and fostering the virtues and interior life within a retreat.

The Canons Regular of the Holy Cross offer a schedule of silent retreats for both lay-people and clergy. For more information on retreats offered in the USA, click below:

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