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Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross

The Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross is a priestly community of pontifical right, gathered about Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Eucharistic Lord. After the model of the Holy Angels and the Apostles, we want to love, honor and serve God. We lead a common life of chastity, poverty and obedience according to our Constitutions.

About us - Who are the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross?

We venerate the Holy Cross and strive after a perfect conformity with the Crucified Lord (cf. Phil 3:10). In communion with the Angels and Saints we dedicate our lives, especially in the solemn liturgy, to the adoration of the Triune God and to expiation for the salvation of souls.

We see our apostolate in the service of the salvation of souls, especially of priests and consecrated persons, in the administration of the Sacraments and the proclamation of the Word of God.

The Community of Sisters of the Holy Cross is a religious community aggregated to the Order of the Holy Cross.

Key facts
  • Founded in 1131 in Coimbra, Portugal
  • Suppressed by the Portuguese government in 19th century
  • Restored in 1979 by decree of St. John Paul II
  • Forming one spiritual family with the Sisters of the Holy Cross
  • Now present in 10 countries around the world
  • 125 Members worldwide
Contemplative & Active
  • We are dedicated to Adoration, Contemplation, Expiation and Mission
  • Fraternal life in community is fundamental to our mission in the Church
  • We preach retreats and parish missions
  • We promote devotion to the Holy Angels
  • We guide the spiritual movement Opus Angelorum
  • We labor for the sanctification of Priests

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