Order of Canons Regular
of the Holy Cross

The Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross is a priestly community of pontifical right, gathered about Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Eucharistic Lord. After the model of the Holy Angels and the Apostles, we want to love, honor and serve God.

Called to a deep encounter with God


Adoration of God finds its highest expression in the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. The renewal of this sacrifice …

Solemn Liturgy

The conscious communion with the Angels and Saints in celebrating the liturgy belongs to the character of the Order of the Holy Cross. Desiring to adore God …

Passio Domini

The spirituality of the Canons of the Holy Cross focuses on the constant growth in priestly sanctity “conforming their life to the mystery of the Lord’s Cross” …

Contemplative & Active

In imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in union with the Holy Angels, we strive for an authentic love of God that overflows to love of …

Blessed Virgin Mary

From the Cross, the Lord gave His Mother to us all as our Mother. She shares with us the love which enables us to offer our lives every day …

Holy Angels

Already here on earth we share in the company of the Holy Angels, who cooperate in all our good works. They participate in our life and activity …

Ever Ancient, Ever New.
Founded in 1131 by Dom Tello  and St. Theotonius, the Order of the Holy Cross continues to serve the Church in various ministries throughout the world.

Vocation Video

A vocation to the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross is a call from Jesus Christ to follow Him more closely through an evangelical life of contemplation and apostolate – lived out in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Angels.

Expansion Project

St. Gabriel Monastery (Carrollton, Ohio) is in the process of development. This expansion project includes a new Chapel and Monastery complex for the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross. This development offers the possibility to observe our religious life with greater regularity and fidelity to its contemplative spirit while also enabling us to better accommodate our guests and provide our external ministries.

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